Symptoms, Diseases, and Treatments

Dr. John Pulliam specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatments of spinal and nerve diseases, many of which can be very painful and/or debilitating. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms or have been diagnosed with a medical condition listed below, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pulliam to see how he may be able to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. Many surgeries are done on an outpatient basis and some are minimally invasive, minimizing your expense and down-time.

The following lists are for reference and are not inclusive of all neurosurgical symptoms, diseases, and treatments. Please do not delay receiving emergency medical care if you have sudden onset of symptoms or a life or limb threatening medical problem.


The following symptoms could be due to underlying spinal or nerve disease that can be corrected with neurosurgical treatment:

Spinal and Nerve Disease

The following is a list of some of the common neurosurgical medical problems evaluated and treated by Dr. Pulliam:

  • Herniated or ruptured intervertebral disc in back or neck (slipped disc).
  • Bulging intervertebral disc.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, "sciatica," ulnar nerve entrapment, and other nerve problems of the arms and legs.
  • Peroneal neuropathy.
  • Pinched nerves or spinal cord, radiculopathy, myelopathy.
  • Spondylolisthesis.
  • Collapsed vertebrae.
  • Degenerative disk disease.
  • Spinal arthritis.
  • Back and neck strain.
  • Spinal and nerve tumors.
  • Spinal infections.
  • Sports related neck, back, or head injury.

Treatments and Surgeries

Many medical conditions have a number of treatment options. Dr. Pulliam's goal is to offer you the treatment that is best for your unique situation. Dr. Pulliam performs innovative surgeries, such as the minimally invasive coflex interlaminar stabilization, which leads to better results and less hospitalization than standard procedures such as lumbar fusion. The following are treatments and surgeries provided by Dr. Pulliam:

  • Discectomy.
  • Spinal decompression (laminectomy, laminotomy).
  • Coflex lumbar interlaminar stabilization.
  • Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty.
  • Spinal fusion, internal fixation ("screws and rods").
  • Fracture repair.
  • Nerve decompression.
  • Carpal tunnel release.
  • Conservative and non-operative treatment is provided as well.

“Laser Spine Surgery”

Dr. Pulliam does not utilize a “laser” approach for spinal stenosis surgery. Patients researching laser spine surgery might be interested in reading Dr. Peter Ullrich, Jr.’s article regarding laser disc decompression. The following is an excerpt:

It seems to me that the most practical use for lasers in spine surgery is for marketing has thousands of pages of information, all of which have been peer reviewed by a medical advisory board of prominent spine physicians. However, there is not one article on laser surgery as it is not an accepted spine procedure. At the major spine meetings and in the major spine journals there is a paucity of (if any) peer reviewed articles documenting any use of lasers in spine surgery.”